Contract Printing

At TKO we will customize items you bring in; however, we do not guarantee work on them.  Too many items are sprayed going through customs, have stain guards on them etc.  Additionally, there is human error and machines that eat up some type of materials.  Therefore we will gladly customize your items but we cannot guarantee adhesion or the quality of the customization.  Our normal lossage is 2% to 5% per location.  With this said we will take every precaution to customize your items and with the greatest quality.  It is rare we have issues but it can happen.  We replace items purchased from TKO but with the low margins we cannot afford to replace items brought in.

TKO offers Contract Printing and Embroidery.

For Pricing on Screen Printing, DTG, Sublimation, Embroidery, or Vinyl Cut
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